Eco-Friendly Painting

I know that your environment is important to you and your family. I ensure not only a beautiful result, but an eco-friendly, clean and healthy environment once I'm through!
Traditional painting materials and methods can have a harmful effect on the environment which is why I use eco-friendly paint.

  • Are you health conscious?
  • Are you concerned about environmental air pollution and indoor air quality?
  • Do you have a sensitive sense of smell?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Eco Friendly Painting is for you! Eco Paint (environmentally friendly paint) is made from high grade compounds and leaves no lingering paint fumes. The paint is manufactured without the use of V.O.C’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) or dangerous chemicals.

Why Eco Friendly Paint?

Eco Friendly Paint is low odour and does not release toxic fumes either before, during or after application. Eco Friendly Paint is a water borne product, ensuring easy application and clean up. Eco Friendly Paint is suitable for use on cement sheet, plasterboard, hardboard, timber, brick, block, concrete and solid plaster; suitable for both interior and exterior use. If you or your family suffers from asthma or allergies, ask me for a quote for Eco-Friendly painting.


A1 Painter & Polished Plaster
Eco Paint Specialist
Albany, WA


"Markus is a registered painter who has completed a number of projects for the Salvation Army. Markus has always proven to be reliable with his work, and ensures that painting is carried out at the highest quality. I would personally recommend Markus as a person and suggest that you would find his work ethics and standards to be extremely high. I would personally recommend his work.

Gary S. Heart
Divisional Secretary, Salvation Army
Melbourne Headquarters

A Beautiful Paint Finish for your Home or Office

Talk to me about the kind of effect or look you want to achieve and I can help you achieve it with Eco Friendly Paint. Some effects that can be achieved with Eco Friendly Paint include Antique Finishes, Sponge Effects, Spatula Effects, Lime Wash, and many more.

As a Specialty Painter and Decorator, I will discuss your requirements and help you decide the best look and effect for your home or business.

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