Markus, Polished Plaster Specialist

Polished Plaster is a seamless coating for interior and exterior surfaces. It is highly recommended for all interior walls and ceilings. A final protection of wax is recommended due to its slightly absorbent nature. For bathrooms and other high humidity areas a non-permeable wax coating is essential for ease of maintenance.
Polished Plaster is a 90% mineral raw material compound made of powder of marble, mature slaked lime putty, and natural pigments. Polished plaster creates a beautiful finish and makes it an integral colour product. I use the highest quality pigments to ensure a continued colour brilliance.


"Blue Night" polished plaster finish

I am able to colour match your plaster walls to fit any specifications or requrements. Polished Plaster has a slightly translucent feel; creating the visual depth of hard stone. Polished Plaster finishes are all hand trowelled, respecting the style of this ancient craft.

Polished Plaster is a sophisticated finished product that can be made to resemble effects as beautiful as ivory and/or polished stone and marble. I control the level of reflective brillance by managing the number of layers and length of polishing time. With a superior eco-friendly wax coating I create a finish that lasts for up to twenty years!

Whether you just want to refresh or update your home, or attract new clientele to your business, I create the effect you wish for. Polished plaster can make your walls look anyway you want. Walls can be made to look like stone, steel, or antique. You can create effects such as splash back, speckled, sponged, suede, mud paint, waxed or lime washed.

Polished Plaster is unique:

Polished Plaster is a fantastic medium for enhancing the interior and exterior of your property. Polished Plaster allows breathing, it is non-flammable and does not peel or flake.

Other benefits of polished plaster include:

  • Polished plaster is eco-friendly & safe for the environment
  • Non-Toxic - safe for the whole family
  • The finished appearance (colour & texture) can be varied to suit your needs
  • Polished plaster will adhere to many types of surfaces
  • Plaster is a lightweight alternative to stone - solid but safe for any walls
  • Withstands alkali corrosion - will not crumble or peel
  • Thermoconductive - is much warmer than stone to touch

Suitable substrates for Polished Plaster:

I will prepare your internal and external walls in preparation for a beautiful polished plaster finish. We will repair any holes or minor damage to the surfaces and will create a fine, non-textured surface incuding taping joints, skim coating & sanding. If your walls are overly flexible (more than 5mm movement), we will install noggins or cross braces to the reverse to increase stability.

Polished plaster can be bonded to:

  • Plaster or Plasterboard
  • Masonry
  • Cement or Cement-sheet
  • Timber or Timber-composite board


"Markus, I would like to thank you on behalf of my wife and myself for the efficiency and quality of your professional work in our home at Noosa Sound. Based on past experience my wife dreaded the clean up that would necessary follow after the painting of the entire interior of our home, but to our delight everything was left back in place.

The feature walls done with your specialty finish have been much admired by ourselves, visitors, and builder/designers doing other projects for us. We will certainly be using your company for any future painting needs. Thank you once again for your fine work.

~ John Maxwell, CEO Ada Street Supplements

Plaster Cleaning & Repairing

I also offer a professional plaster cleaning and repairing service. I can help keep your plaster clean and protected with the application of a special plaster wax which will bring the life back into your plaster walls and finishes. Contact me for information about repairing or cleaning your plaster.

Cleaning: The application of wax to polished plaster provides protection against scuffing and grime, needing only a periodic re-wax to maintain a pristine appearance. A non-coloured pencil eraser will usually remove finger marks and surface grime and these areas are simply re-waxed and polished. If the surface is severely soiled scrub the affected area with a mild soapy solution and rinse thoroughly. Leave to dry for 48 hours, then re-wax and polish.

Repairing: Scratches and dents can usually be repaired with a good degree of success to pass all but the most deliberate scrutiny. I will advise how to minimise the opportunity for such damage to occur and am happy to advise on detailing and other technical issues.

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